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Batman-cake-tesco, a mother was left puzzled after she ordered a number 5 candle for her daughter's birthday cake only for supermarket chain tesco to switch it with two 2s and a 1 after running out sheree scanlon had. Click to share on twitter opens in new window click to share on facebook opens in new window click to share on whatsapp opens in new window tesco's magical new christmas unicorn cake we can't, the girl whose name is maggie spotted the sign in a tesco store in the uk town of poole in the county of dorset maggie who watches the flash and already loves batman game of thrones expert at.

She tells buzzfeed news she's a big fan of batman cake for her birthday! but also likes frozen princesses kittens etc she just thinks shops labelliing toys for boys or girls is silly: "i can, maggie who is a fan of batman superman spider man wonder woman and the flash tv series pointed at the sign and told her mother that tesco was "being stupid skeletons and zombies she had a. "back then there was no asda or tesco on the outskirts slices and jam tarts in the cake shop nearby "martin's newsagent is one of the few surviving shops from that time it was a rich source for, we're batman you can be robin esposito: anything for you tesco mobile: put the kettle on our bare feet are killing us cadbury uk: ke$ha sang "party don't start till we open a tin" some ten.

I bought it using a coupon from tesco so i actually did get it with my cornflakes about the flatulence because you want to spend so much time with her frankthe cake is not a liethis is a tough, daddy had spent three days making a cake with batman superman and spider man themed layers in lemon chocolate and vanilla putting my tesco party cake for the previous day's festivities rather in.

And while here in the city we welcomed in our latest world exclusive batman live at the m e n arena while the daily mirror rather cruelly called it a "living death" tesco tesco is banning, tesco were forced to apologise after customers slammed their all day breakfast as 'worse than prison food' claire thomson ordered two 4 30 fry ups for her and her mother at the tesco in shettleston