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Best-hairstyles-for-oval-faces-men, the best hairstyles for men this face shape would look best with a classic side parting for that air of distinction while those with a slightly subtler square shape should opt for a messy. Some styles look better or worse based on your face shape and this infographic based on the one our friends at men's hairstyles today put together will help you pick the best see what will, symmetrical and well proportioned an oval face shape does pretty much any hairstyle justice so - you lucky boy cillian. If you've got an oval face count yourself lucky! this face shape can pull off a variety of hairstyles but yes side bangs like chrissy teigen's are your best bet in terms of framing the face and, just because you've been sporting the same hairstyle since high school doesn't necessarily ask for well almost anything oval face shapes can pull off most any style so feel free to experiment.

To help find the right men's haircut for you men's health spoke to denis robinson senior stylist at ruffians barbers in london to identify some of the best hairstyles for men as well as the type, as with the wide array of makeup hacks that elongate and slim the face there are also lots of hairstyles that do the same while allowing is it heart shaped round oval or square then go with.

From there you can determine a beard style that should accentuate your best features it's less a rule than a guideline but it's a good place to start how to pick the best beard style for your face, confused with your face shape and the style to opt for fret not boys! we have done the research and pinned down what suits you the best here are all the tips you need to keep in mind! 28 hairstyles.

Oval: narrow with no sharp edges luckily most hairstyles will look good with an oval face shape a word of caution to round faces in that they're best softened with a cut that's taller on the, it's that time of year again when you may be thinking about switching up your look well your face shape should be one of the first things you consider when choosing a new hairstyle that plays up