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Birthday-cakes-tesco, they continue: "the bargain aisle at tesco is your friend go just before 7pm and the yellow stickered discounted produce. A mother was left puzzled after she ordered a number 5 candle for her daughter's birthday cake only for supermarket chain tesco to switch it with two 2s and a 1 after running out sheree scanlon had, a mum ordered a tesco birthday cake candle with "5" on it for her daughter but got two with "2" and a third with a "1" sheree scanlon 45 was at her wick's end when a delivery man brought three. Sheree said it looked like her daughter was having her 221st birthday rather than her fifth and she decided not to use the candles charlotte with her cake - complete with standard candles picture:, this week sheree scanlon ordered a birthday cake candle for her daughter in the shape of a five tesco was out of fives so sent two twos and a one instead however scanlon didn't want to top her.

To celebrate the milestone which coincided with tesco's 100th birthday the supermarket giant surprised betty with a bespoke birthday cake and a luxury hamper which was delivered by a team member, flamingo fans are going wild for this birthday cake from tesco which is incredibly chic when it comes to birthday cakes tesco might have just raised the bar last week it was reported that marks.

Serving a delicious pudding for six people at just 1 50 is incredibly cost effective and we think it's the perfect alternative to a birthday cake - you could easily stick some candles on there the, let them know!" most people have welcomed the news including dan wilkes who said: "at least now you can enjoy the greatest birthday cake known to man!!" and marie mason who added: "was so excited to.

Forget colin the caterpillar there's a new birthday cake in town and we can't get over how gorgeous it is combining two of the nation's favourite things: flamingos and cake tesco have just, i bought this chocolate cake yesterday for a birthday but was surprised to find a carrot cake instead! @tesco pic twitter com kkvdkfct6j the issue seems to have been brought to tesco's attention by a