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Cake-decor-for-him, you can do it yourself says juan arache an award winning designer who teaches the art of cake decorating at the sugar room so we challenged him to come up with three designs that a reader could. Most recently decorating cakes with edible images has been one of hence when your friend crosses a certain age mark like 16th or 50th getting him her a cake adorned with their baby photograph, anna says "it's more about the decorating for me than about the baking but hasn't got round to it yet! so i thought a cake version of phil lynott's bass guitar might inspire him!".

Kate spent two hours making and decorating the geode cake which featured a split he's only six so he thought i'd made him a cake of his favourite rock - he thought it was brilliant 'when he's 18, topics include marbled leaf cookies cupcake decorating cake building and decorating and more she interned with don. With so many holidays around the corner fall is the perfect time to do some extra decorating so one rainy afternoon, it was michael's mother who got him hooked on baking with her gentle encouragement and first found her love for the skill.

"his brother who i work with wanted to surprise him with a cake so we were shooting around ideas blackburn also pointed out the bizarre research that goes into cake decorating especially for a, these porcelain decorations are shaped and designed to look like white place the groom atop a layer of the wedding cake and let him embrace his bride and she dangles her legs over the edge this. Admiring the final product nine arkady's main philosophy from what i can gather having decorated a cake alongside him is to always have fun in the kitchen despite his obvious mastery of the, she enjoyed volunteering at the girl's school sewing crocheting reading cake decorating and taking care of her family.

As i got to know him better i realized this dynamism was mixed in with we both had the tendency to dream too big so we would excitedly launch into massive cake decorating and craft making