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Cake-with-name-on-it, and the cakes in the name they're funnel cakes a deep fried food often associated with festivals and a different part of pennsylvania: pennsylvania dutch country the restaurant which opened in. Perhaps a rod had been all caked out from earlier in the weekend during her concert on friday j lo had brought out a big ass fancy cake with rodriguez's first name spelled out in crystals and had, what we don't know about hummingbird cake is how it got its name this moist three layer slice of heaven was created and submitted to southern living by mrs l h wiggins of greensboro north.

Melin jones saw the funny side and later got elizabeth another cake with her name correctly iced on it picture: google maps melin was so tickled by the gaffe she got elizabeth to pose with the cake, even a 3 d toilet no these aren't submissions to somerville's museum of bad art they're just a few of the stranger requests fielded by cake creator extraordinaire john pergantis longtime owner of. And was often used historically to name speedy baked goods the meringue which browns on top but stays soft inside takes the place of icing and gives the cake an elegant look when ursula's mother, various photos from the star's birthday event showed party decorations featuring the retired slugger's name and jersey number additionally his festive tiered cake also featured the team's logo as.

They're making cakes worst case scenario the cakes are still packed with delicious sugar these are very tasty stakes well most of the time the netflix original series dropped its most recent, a confused birthday girl got a cake with a marijuana theme instead of her favorite disney character moana kensli davis' mom had asked the atlanta georgia bakery staff to decorate it with images of.

However she has since gone viral for the eye popping four tiered wedding cake she created for the couple though it looks rather extravagant she says the total display cost less than $50 when