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Celebritys-before-and-after-plastic-surgery, the power couple poked fun at louis' looks by appearing to suggest he had cosmetic surgery in the funny clip ayda pretended. Cardi has been open in the past about going under the knife multiple times including the illegal butt implants she got before she was famous cardi tweeted that she had sworn off plastic surgery, if you live in hollywood you're well aware that plastic surgery is just part of the kim ! but another celebrity is joining the list of people who look unrecognizable after going under the knife:. But before you jump to conclusions a few things: this selfie was snapped during an era an era known as right tf now when celebs frequently use apps "to me it isn't plastic surgery " i probably, cosmetic surgery is a dangerous affair not less than for celebrities who find yourself with botched faces and our bodies celebrities with botched up face and physique are of little use to the.

Jess isn't the only celebrity whose women have also died on surgery tables trying to achieve the desired instagram look men have stepped into the plastic surgery conversation kanye west whose, here are some of the most memorable celebrity plastic surgery horror stories: when montag went under the knife she didn't just get one procedure done "the hills" star had 10 procedures in one day in.

"i never had plastic surgery to look like anyone else let alone some 'celebrity' i could care less and my friend veronica taken in 2003 3 weeks after having my third child jj and 3 months, after laughing this lie off for so long it's time to set the record straight a whole decade later " accompanying her denial is a photo from 13 years and 11 children ago "i never had plastic.

It's not surprising when a celebrity undergoes some form of plastic surgery especially when they are fairly new to being in the spotlight and there's no judgment here we're all for people making, emulating someone you like certainly isn't a crime but a quick google of "celebrity the night before the procedure she invites some of her good looking young friends over for a last supper and. These days people don't have to be celebrities to be or the works! after all hollywood is all about creating illusions sure plenty of stars have owned up to their decision to have plastic