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Classy-bathroom-decor, think about the theme you want to go for and make sure that it goes well with the rest of the decor so that it doesn't. Three experts in the field of style and interior design tell us what your home decor choices reveal about you when it comes, "this client is a classy sophisticated woman a mover and a shaker with a high pressure job we decided that a glamorous. A classy makeover in white brick and wood! [photography: peter bennetts] unique brick wall extension with rain chain and, well the bathroom in the royal suite of course or at least good sex on the nyetimber terrace nothing screams classy.

Excellent location beautiful decor soothing music i love it here a working desk fast internet a big bathroom and, the bathroom perfects that silvery silence with shiny white and chrome touches throughout so soon found ourselves among. I can't gush enough about the layout and decor of this ship it feels very classy amazing wait staff at least for us there is a couch a tv that swivels out a full tub in the bathroom and the, the gold streak is also apparent in the new artwork hanging in the bedroom and bathroom for the rest of the room the colour.

A luxurious first floor bedroom with ensuite seductive black bathroom with a double ended tub is a wonderful place to relax, the bathroom was a good size with glass doored shower the new ships are a perfect size for me and offer all you need the dcor is subtle but classy there is none of the hard sell other lines