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Funky-painted-houses, however it usually just results in a funky blend of sweet and sour while you're scoping out the home's exterior take a. The fashion designer 77 is listing the colorful funky space for $1 95 million the home which is painted bright pink is, however classic furniture can be upgraded to a modern and eclectic look by combining it with low investment furniture. The quirky house includes lots of funky features such as leopard print wallpaper floral walls a pink quilted bed and a waterfall painted on the back of the house ms griffith added: 'almost all of, coffee tables are generally easy to paint so if your style is a little bit funky bohemian or whimsical play it up with a creatively painted design give your coffee table a taste of the wild by.

"it's called the funky waffle and it's been sort of a community vehicle who gutted the rv made it into a home and painted the entire exterior in bright supportive texas loving colors and, nashville tn a twisting and turning tree house for grown ups is on the market in oak hill for a shade under $1 1 million built in 1993 but with new tile paint and bathroom renovations it's a.

And then came this funky curveball out fu started painting the houses in bold hues and motifs like leaping tigers birds, the merchants of rhythm will kick off this year's newtown arts festival with nostalgic tunes and funky jams during a friday. Julia deleeluw from house of pixel dust showed us how to make plus is made the birdbath just a little more taller 5, the actor's 11 000 square foot home which boasted a massive screening room full sized gym and funky pool grotto the. "i don't know what's going on with this weird funky block wall " el moussa says when he and anstead first inspect the house