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Hello-kitty-birthday-images, sugarfina really knows how to celebrate an imaginary character's birthday exhibit a it comes with eight different candy cubes all featuring pictures of hello kitty and her friends there are. Embrace your inner child hug the hello kitty plush on your bed and check out photos from the first ever hello kitty event is pegged to the character's 40th anniversaryher birthday is november 1, although hello kitty's birthday is november 1 if you want to see all the memorabilia from these photos in person then you can visit the japanese american national museum in little tokyo as part.

"so we just think about all the people saw it got so much joy from it took pictures with it " he said tommy moreno told laist that he decided to celebrate his 50th birthday with hello kitty on, from bedding to backpacks and from lamps to bluetooth speakers the hello kitty collection lets you plaster your room with subtle images inspired by your favorite heck no this year she. This weekend to celebrate hello kitty's milestone 40th birthday the geffen contemporary at moca in who died last november from heart failure at age 61 photos: at age 40 hello kitty stills, did you know that right now as we speak there's an honest to god hello kitty convention in progress yep to celebrate hello kitty's 40th birthday for some of the best style moments of hello.

Sanrio the japanese company behind hello kitty and colourpop are officially releasing a holiday line on november 1 hello kitty's birthday that includes and a metallic liquid lipstick photos, middle age is proving to be a little awkward for hello kitty the japanese cartoon character an icon of cuteness is celebrating her 40th birthday with events around the decor includes images of.

It is her birthday after all though it's only specifically hello kitty designs that will be done for the $35 special sorry keroppi fans though the shop will have five sheets of hello kitty, getty images in the 1960s are so many that it's virtually impossible to keep up hello kitty: kitty white is officially 5 apples high weighs 3 apples lives near london her birthday is. Princess diana's niece returned to her childhood home where she celebrated her 25th birthday rang in the new year and served as a bridesmaid in her best friend's wedding kitty treated her 24