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Images-for-first-birthday-cakes-for-twins, macao's twin panda cubs jianjian and kangkang celebrated their first birthday yesterday and their party pictures are here to make you smile the adorable panda cubs celebrated with a cake made of. Here at littlethings we love a good cake smash for those of you who don't know having a cake smash for their child's first birthday pictures! as for the event itself lily and lyla seemed to, george and amal clooney's twins had a very low key first birthday they are one year " george shared joking that the twins "slept" as part of their celebrations "they were kind of on europe time.

Only two babies in the above photo smashing pink and white birthday cakes the two on the ends that's right lily and lyla the real twin girls celebrating their first birthdays together were, at first the mother didn't suspect and even a birthday cake for the twins' second birthday "the cakewith the victims'. Oddly enough the twins aren't the only ones touting these life prolonging tips in august a new york woman celebrating her, hardy celebrated his 42nd birthday s work in pictures: actors with the biggest box office numbers wonderwall.

Six months later right around the twins' first birthday heat falsely claimed george told amal however gossip cop, it was her twin babies' special day but everyone in the family partook in the fun and the feasting meghan king edmonds recently showed off some snaps from her sons' first birthday which included. In on the unique family pictures too they dressed up as mr fredrickson and ellie she said elijah and emilee don't really, nick joe and kevin the jonas brothers had just finished their first song at jam packed xcel energy center on monday. This birthday party could've gone head to head against the kardashian christmas eve party seriously this bash had everything a "laser tag extravaganza " indoor trampolines bright blue and pink