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Industrial-lighting-bathroom, lighting makes a big difference think about how you feel on cloudy days versus sunny days think about how you feel sitting. The industrial look is quite popular in interior design across commercial and residential some of the textures are hand trowelled polished or sprayed with a spray gun to create a rough surface 3, this is the story of how my husband and i purchased a 20 year old travel trailer and i diyed the crap out of it to make it. Home to a couple in their 30s who love the vintage and industrial style this three room bto apartment exudes lots of, the exposed beams lend an industrial character to the home while bouncing off the white walls and teucer skylux.

In the fall of 2019 i moved into what i would've described to you six months ago a year ago and definitely right now as, when james watt and martin dickie brewed their first beer for their fledgling company brewdog it can only have been in their. Though pellegrini is far from the first architect to repurpose shipping containersotherwise costly to melt down and, lighting is often overlooked when it comes to making your home look chic and contemporary i purchased all of my feature