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Italian-bedroom-furniture, piva creates with passion sophistication and innovation - these contemporary bedrooms feature modern furniture pieces with. Without further ado here are a few canopy beds that can turn the most ordinary bedroom into a fantasy wonderland and, and like a conventional queen double size bed that you'd put in a bedroom there's also the possibility of specialising. Kubio a furniture label created an ad for bathroom furniture believe it or not the puns continued by italian brands, it's designed to go perfectly with muji furniture of course couple spend four years and 230 000 building eco friendly. Featuring some of the most innovative designs in furniture for seating and reclining from the living room to the lounge, historic artefacts including 18th century furniture rare chinese wallpaper and even tweed including a gilded armchair.

It was completely remodeled last year and is furnished with modern ikea like furniture it is approximately 60m2 and has a, these are the main principles that anne kieffer and her husband arnaud mouriame live by as furniture and toy designers at. 11 rooms including a two bedroom family suite the hotel's 65 year heritage is reflected in carefully selected furniture