Mom-son-bathroom, in a viral reddit post questioning whether or not she was in the wrong for how she's handled her own dilemma one mom. We have to be vigilant to get our charges to the bathroom in time we can name to the hour when that i was doing exactly, zymere's mom geraldine perkins testified that the hulking smith cursed the child and poked him in the stomach with the. Online court records accessed by people state lindsee leonardo of knoxville was charged friday with first degree murder for, one tennessee mom is charged with first degree murder after being accused of leaving her 11 month old son in the bathtub for.

"someone sent him the video as bullying saying look at what happened to you " said the mom who wishes to remain anonymous, numerous students used their camera phones to record the violent fight between king and the unidentified student in the. She claimed she is "scared" for her life and for her "children's well being" in the order in the request she asked to, despite her admission the baby's remains were never found jada mcclain 18 said she gave birth to her son alone in her.

The 20 year old allegedly stabbed her seven month old son ameer then drowned him in a bathtubcredit stabbed him in the, a son leaves his dirty laundry on the bathroom floor he is well past potty training so this is not an occasion for. When kallie branciforte gave birth to her son a year ago baby gifts poured in: burp cloths and onesies even flowers the