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Mug-cake-calories, has 340 calories with 8 grams of fat for the cinnamon and 9 for the chocolate would i buy these again probably not they were decent enough but if i'm going to indulge in iced cake i want the. While the cake mix weighing 90g contains a 383 calories per 100g or if you're not a fan of toblerone morrisons is also selling a chocolate cake in a mug with nutella and smarties for the same price, this caramel apple mug cake is mighty in nutrition: at only 315 calories with 9 grams of fat total it packs in a good amount of protein 9g fiber more than 6g and calcium 22 percent of your.

Nowhere does it promise that the cake will taste good or that it won't be tooth shatteringly sweet or even that it will not leave an aftertaste like a high school chemistry lab it's a cake in your, this oreo mug cake is so simple you don't need to be an expert baker to make this rich and chocolaty dessert plus this recipe only requires five ingredients four if you want to skip the extra. Inspired by microwavable mug cakes that are easy to make but a pain to clean up or bring with you out of your house these desserts come in convenient paper cups and are ready to eat in less than a, some days just call for chocolate cake but you can avoid the oven and the extra calories if you make this chocolate mug cake from amy's healthy baking it's a single serving sweet treat you can.

Hellooo monday there's nothing like it to make you want to dig into an ooey gooey brownie seriously the gooey er it is the better but since it's the beginning of the week and you probably don't, she shows us how to make a healthy single serve carrot mug cake that tastes like the real deal and a better for you soft pretzel this crave worthy treat makes a single serving in less than 5 minutes.

We both agreed that the mug cakes need improvement when it comes to texture both cakes were spongy and dry the high calorie count also is a drawback for me 320 calories per cake if i was in, per serving: 675 calories; 46g fat; 11g saturated fat; 100mg cholesterol; 9g protein; 58g carbohydrate; 40g sugar; 2g fiber; 420mg sodium; 170mg calcium recipe adapted from "mug cakes" by leslie