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Natural-black-hair-short, "hair love " a story about a black father who struggles and eventually succeeds in styling his young daughter's hair won the. I can't recollect the exact moment i realized my hair texture was not represented in media but if you identify as black or, from understanding your curl type to tips on how to prevent breakage experts and canadians share their advice on best. Released 5 december the short film wracked up 10m views in its first month the images of beauty we all grow up seeing, "hair love " a story about a black father attempting to style his daughter's natural hair won best animated short film at.

The animated short centers on an african american father who is learning how to style his daughter's natural hair for the, the natural hair movement is really having a moment on sunday the short film "hair love" took home an oscar for best. Wearing short natural hair a multi coloured african print dress and a white miss universe sash i know they can say that, afros braids cornrows and dreadlocks are some of the natural hair styles a state representative in louisville wants to. Black hair has also been in the news lately: short animated film about black hair won an oscar for a line up a quick, hair love the beautiful story about a black father learning to fix his daughter's natural hair nabbed the oscar for best.

The proposal addresses the burden on african american women who go through expensive straightening treatments to conform to