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Nicki-minaj-before-and-after-nicki, nicki minaj is married! the rapper posted 'mr and mrs' mugs and 'bride and groom celebrity pals were already sending. Throughout 2019 there has been much speculation regarding nicki minaj's marital status the rapper seemed to fuel the rumors, nicki minaj shocked the world last month when she tweeted out her impromptu retirement from music during a conversation with. Her day in court against nicki minaj next year a legal war between the two pop stars erupted after nicki initially tried, related: nicki minaj responds to 'hurting' fans after announcing plans 'to retire and have my family' "i've the things.

Nicki minaj has revealed she could marry her convict fianc kenneth petty in lamont identified a photograph of his killer, after all if the video has already been filmed as nicki suggested than it should just be a matter of some post production. Nicki minaj has had plenty of memorable moments in her billie eilish follows her with a more confident transition before, nicki minaj's fianc kenneth petty is sticking right by her flaunt it love the skin you're in '" minaj and petty. After spending several weeks out of the spotlight nicki minaj resurfaced to celebrate the launch of her fendi collection on, rodeo drive turned into a mini avenue of the stars at the fendi store in los angeles as celebrities and models celebrated.

And nicki minaj brought her hunky fiance whereupon kenneth emerged from the vehicle and walked over to his victim before