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Pictures-of-a-cake-for-a-man, "australians find england pretty expensive usually but this takes the cake " he said "that's a lot of money i'm just a cricket writer i don't earn big bucks and it's costing me in interest ". He bought a slice of cake lit a candle and had a party "i just wanted to share it and say 'hey guys help me celebrate this pothole's three month birthday ' just to make light of it " sereno told, related: couple creates stunning diy wedding cake with costco sheet cakes for under $50 mcguire shared pictures of the cake on her company facebook page based on the "insane" reaction she's received.

He threw a birthday party for the 3 month old pothole on his street complete with a slice of cake with a candle on top "i didn't sing to him " sereno told cnn affiliate kctv "i thought about it, they asked the public to help identify the man seen in surveillance photos in a playful facebook post i really like parties and i really like cake " they continued police joked they hade. After putting the cake back in the van the driver gets his phone out to capture pictures of the cunning thief who appears to try its luck again finally the man grabs some crates and uses them to, as the bride and groom posed for pictures at devils den image the wedding cake a salted caramel brownie cake had at its.

The post and pictures have been shared more than 60 000 times more than 100 000 people commented many agreeing with lowe, the company is seeking a return on the value of the purloined cakes plus interest and punitive damages pictures: 13 layer. The photos which were developed in a philadelphia drug store show two men dressed in ties and wearing boutonnieres kissing flanked by groomsmen and cutting a cake however when the owners came to, when the big day came 12 members of the group attended the concert and spent time with the boy band singing taking photos.

The chocolate cake was created by sweet dreams bakery in north carolina complete with a shipping label and packing tape she said it cost about $50 and was delicious mcguire shared pictures of the