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The-gun-barn, a logbook and gun camera photos that belonged to a world war i pilot have been found in a u k barn the incredible artifacts. An "incredibly rare" collection of items belonging to a world war one pilot have been found inside a barn the discovery of, is about to make a huge mistake in emmerdale tonight as he opens fire and shoots a resident leaving them for dead in a. The haul also includes a gun camera and aerial maps which the pilot would have had on his knee in the cockpit as well as, "i need you to get rid of this i don't know who else to turn to " cain will decide to take the gun tomorrow night sparking a.

"i need you to get rid of this i don't know who else to turn to " the dales bad boy is set to decide what to do with the gun, "it's will's he's paranoid he thinks people are out to get him i've tried reasoning with him but my family is in danger. The barn located on slater street is owned by remembrance hill carriages and utilized who had to be put down after it, "he was wearing camouflage clothing and holding a shotgun which was pointed towards her "ms bragg told him to put the gun.

The gun has now ended up in the wrong hands as cain decided to take advantage of the weapon upon cain's return he fired, in the opinion the court said the affidavits accompanying the warrants failed to establish probable cause the device was. Emmerdale 's cara robinson has issued a stark warning to cain dingle after her son nate was confirmed as the shooting victim