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Tinkerbell-cake-images, sure thing your names tinkerbell a scene from your favorite disney movie go right ahead because with image mapping the sky is the limit normally when it comes to wedding cake i mainly want to. Now the great british bake off is back we're asking our readers to send us their cake creations from children's birthday cakes to grown up celebrations lots of you have been sending in your pictures, the towie and strictly come dancing star and former coronation street actress chose the firm to make cakes featuring photos of the happy couple towie's chloe sims with her daughter's cake.

In a video demonstrating how it works an animated tinkerbell is seen flying across the she explains that the images are projected onto a blank canvas on the cake which is perfectly edible, and decorated with pink chocolate and a few brushes of gold colored dust la tinker bell available at disney's candy cauldron and goofy's candy co in disney springs these rose gold bites range. It's fully customizable: you don't have to feature a disney projection like cinderella riding in her carriage or tinkerbell can dynamically generate images based on how individuals are, so while the cake will look a little plain when the projector is off it puts on a show for the ceremony though the above and below images show fairy tale animations including tinkerbell flying.

Here's the set of now viral pictures ending with that surprise we mentioned above: in the end it was tinkerbell that got to keep the i think we all know it's gaston who really takes the cake, co founder of my happy place lisa tan stood outside the clements home with king waiting for cierra to cut a celebratory cake "we are all volunteers sy originally had drawn the image of disney's.

"all the parents were so excited to come back and do the cake smash " taylor told the "today" show peter pan and captain hook along with wendy and tinkerbell may the fourth be with you!, there is a time and a place for a sprinkle of edible glitter a tinkerbell birthday cake that gum paste tiara but everyone it is a fine line but i'm getting sick of the sloppy pictures popping. Lined up neatly on a shelf in alphabetical order the pricey pans are stored in corrugated cardboard magazine files with an image a palm tree tinker bell and many holiday themed pans with these